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In April 2020, when we realized that in person classes would be suspended for the foreseeable future, I made 5 sets of instructional videos to finish 3 different classes online. I have decided to make these available for sale for a wider audience at an affordable price.

While these videos don’t all directly address the human figure, all of these videos are designed to improve your figure drawing and painting. Because I was unable to work with a model at the beginning of the pandemic, still life became the substitute to help you continue improving your painting abilities with an easily available “model”. So none of these are videos about how to paint a great still life, but instead videos about how to practice painting in accessible ways so that you can keep improving your skills even if you don’t have access to a model.

Full disclosure: these videos aren’t perfect in terms of production quality and will not teach you everything you want to know. They are very useful for learning specific aspects of art making and for learning some of my process of painting and drawing. I think these videos would be useful to alumni of my classes who would like a refresher in certain things, or would like them as reference material.

If you have never taken any of my classes before, these classes are a great introduction to my teaching style and what you would learn in a class with me. Think of these videos as a taster menu, instead of a five course meal. You’ll walk away with practical knowledge that you can put to use straight away improving your paintings and drawings.

Experience Level: advanced beginner to intermediate students will get the most out of these. While I’m happy to work with total beginners in my in-person classes, these videos weren’t made for that audience and so they might be frustrating for you as they assume a certain level of knowledge and experience.

Bundle of 5 Classes: I highly recommend purchasing the bundle of all 5 classes if you are a painter. You’ll save some money and they’ll make more sense viewed together, allowing you to gain the maximum amount of learning and knowledge from them.

Support: Because these videos were produced under specific circumstances, and I’ve priced them accordingly, I am unable to offer any follow-up support or answer questions about the content. There will be gaps. You can, however, book a 1 hour lesson with me after viewing these videos and I’ll happily answer all of your questions in great detail. You can do that here.

Closed Captioning: I will be making closed captioning available on these videos, but I’m still in the process of editing the transcripts for accuracy. If you purchase the videos now, you’ll get a notification when the subtitles have been added.

Clementine Painting Demo

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Bundle: All Videos


Portrait Painting: Partial Demo

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Pear Painting Demo

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Understanding Light on the Figure

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Egg Painting Video

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